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On Wednesday, Parliament gave its final green light to revised rules ensuring improved protection for citizens that donate or are treated with blood, tissues or cells.

The revised law aims to reduce air pollution in the EU for a clean and healthy environment for citizens, and to achieve the EU’s zero air pollution vision by 2050.

MEPs approved the creation of a European Health Data Space, improving citizens’ access to their personal health data and boosting secure sharing in the public interest.

On Wednesday, Parliament adopted new measures to make packaging more sustainable and reduce packaging waste in the EU.

For a more sustainable and resilient food system, MEPs support a simpler process for NGT plants equivalent to conventional plants, while others must follow stricter rules.

On Tuesday, Parliament adopted the revised ecodesign framework, which will enable the introduction of environmental sustainability requirements for most products sold in the EU.

On Tuesday, Parliament adopted its proposals to better prevent plastic pellets losses throughout the supply chain, with the goal of achieving zero losses.

The updated rules regulate how to classify, label and package chemical substances and mixtures.

Lead MEP Javi López (S&D, ES) will brief journalists on the revised rules following the final plenary vote.

MEPs adopted their proposals to revamp EU pharmaceutical legislation, to foster innovation and enhance the security of supply, accessibility and affordability of medicines.