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Parliament urges the EU to accelerate the transition to a research system that does not use animals.

MEPs are ready to negotiate with member states to reinforce the EU’s disease prevention and control framework and jointly tackle cross-border health threats.

On Tuesday 9 am, Parliament will debate the “Fit for 55” in 2030 package and the measures taken to support countries and regions affected by natural disasters this summer in the EU.

The EU food systems must reduce environmental and climate footprints while continuing to ensure food security, healthy diets and provide a fair income for farmers.

Ministers outlined the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU to parliamentary committees, in a series of meetings.

“Parliament must ensure the new laws meet our climate ambitions”, says Pascal Canfin, following the Commission’s presentation of the “Fit for 55 in 2030” package.

MEPs outline how the EU should strengthen crisis prevention, preparedness and response when addressing future serious cross-border health threats.

An informal agreement was reached with the Council to bring the EU in line with its international obligations under the Aarhus Convention.

Executive VP Timmermans will present the Commission’s “Fit for 55 in 2030” package and debate with Environment Committee MEPs, on the day of its adoption.

MEPs want the deadlock in international negotiations on the establishment of two protected Antarctic marine areas to end soon.