EU Nature Restoration Law: vote on the outcome of interinstitutional negotiations

01-12-2023 - 12:14
Nature © image used under the license of Adobe Stock

On 29 November, the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety voted on the provision deal reached earlier this month, on 9 November.

The agreed text includes nature restoration targets, which must be achieved by Member States which will have to specify of how to achieve these targets through the adoption of national restoration plans. The Regulation covers the whole range of ecosystems (terrestrial, marine, urban, agricultural and forest ecosystems) as well as specific objectives regarding the restoration of rivers and pollinator populations. The overall objective of the Nature Restoration Regulation is the long-term and sustained recovery of biodiverse and resilient ecosystems. Member States will have to put in place restoration measures with the aim to cover, by 2030, at least 20 % of land sea areas and, by 2050, all ecosystems in need of restoration.