08-07-2020 - 11:47
SECTION 2 Focus European Social Modele: Mobility of patients around the EU
A stretcher entering the "Zone medécine" in a French hospital ©BELGA/MAXPPP/Fernandes

On 7 July, ENVI Members discussed the draft Report on the EU4Health Programme, following the Commission’s proposal, published on 28 May 2020, for a new stand-alone EU4Health Programme for 2021-2027 as part of the Recovery Plan to build resilient health systems in the EU.

In the new proposal, the funding - amounting to EUR 9.4 billion - will be a major reinforcement compared to previous proposals under the ESF+ (EUR 413 million).

The draft report strengthens the Commission's proposal in several areas, insisting in particular on the fact that more investment into the healthcare systems is needed, notably for primary care infrastructure, in order to strengthen our health systems in the long-term, well beyond the current health crisis. Tackling health inequalities across the EU should also be at the core of the Programme.