02-12-2020 09:00
Facilitating a healthy lifestyle: how to reduce cancer related lifestyle risk factors

Public Hearing in the European Parliament, Brussels ANTALL 4Q1 and with remote participation
Illustrations depicting a healthy lifestyle Illustrations depicting a healthy lifestyle
Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle © Image used under the license from Shutterstock.com

On Wednesday 2 December from 9.00 - 12.00 the BECA committee discussed with seven leading specialists in cancer prevention about the most common causes of cancer related to lifestyle such as tobacco - and alcohol use, nutrition and physical activity, and discuss prevention strategies. All the experts' presentations and the webstreaming link to watch the hearing again can be found below.

The hearing consisted of two parts:
Part 1: Lifestyle risk factors for cancer: Tobacco, alcohol and nutrition.
Part 2: Prevention of cancer: vaccination and risks of UV exposure.

The second BECA hearing on cancer prevention on 11 December addressed the environmental factors which can cause cancer, such as pollution in the air, water, food and soil and exposure to chemicals including dangerous and carcinogenic substances.