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Welcome to the FEMM Committee.

I have the honour of being elected as FEMM chair. I have long fought for women's rights and gender equality and I am proud of this committee's work, but there are still many challenges to come.

The COVID pandemic has disproportionately affected women and girls in a myriad of ways. From increased gender-based violence, to an increased burden of care, from the economic impact on sectors disproportionately populated by women, to insecurity of work contracts. The recovery should therefore put women at the heart of the solutions, which we will also advance through our work, such as on pay transparency or women on company boards.

We will stand strong against the backlash against gender equality and the blatantly discriminatory actions we see in the shadow of pandemic. The EU cannot allow member states to actively discriminate against women, the LGBTIQ+ community, or other vulnerable groups - this goes against the heart of EU values and must be clearly penalised. It is crucial we all stand united for our values and beliefs despite opposition.

As a man, I believe it is vital that gender equality is seen as everybody's cause, regardless of gender. We need to get boys and men on board, and I aim to use my tenure as Chair to demonstrate the important role we must play as allies and defenders.

We invite you to participate and help.

Robert Biedroń

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