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MEPs urge member states to protect and further enhance women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in a report adopted on Tuesday.

Women’s Rights Committee Chair Evelyn Regner and EPP Coordinator Frances Fitzgerald address the extreme sexual violence and rape used as a weapon by soldiers against Tigrayan women.

Members of the bureau and coordinators of the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality are expressing their support towards the first female President of the Commission.

On Tuesday, the EP Gender Equality Committee, in association with the Committee on Development, will discuss how to enhance gender equality and women's empowerment in the COVID-19 recovery.

In response to the backsliding of LGBTIQ rights in some EU countries, notably Poland and Hungary, MEPs declared the EU an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone” on Thursday.

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, US Vice President Harris, President Sassoli and President von der Leyen pay tribute to women on the frontline in the COVID-19 crisis.

MEPs, national MEPs and high-level guests discussed women’s crucial role in leading the fight against the pandemic, in an interparliamentary meeting on Thursday.

MEPs and national parliamentarians will discuss women’s key role in fighting the pandemic during an inter-parliamentary committee meeting on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, MEPs will discuss women’s rights and the rule of law in Poland with Commissioner Dalli and civil society representatives.

MEPs assessed the progress made in women’s rights over the past 25 years and the many challenges still ahead, in a resolution adopted on Thursday.