General budget of the EU for 2023 - vote on budgetary amendments - 12.07.22

13-07-2022 - 11:34
Stacks of coins and letters forming the number 2023 Stacks of coins and letters forming the number 2023
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On Tuesday, 12 July 2022, the FEMM Committee voted on the budgetary amendments and considered the FEMM opinion.

Following the release of the Commission Statement of Estimates (7 June), FEMM opinion rapporteur, Monika Vana, presented her six draft budgetary amendments. MEP Vana also noted the impact of the COVID crisis and the Russian war on Ukraine on the budget, lessening the scope for flexibility, especially in heading 6 "Neighbourhood and the World". Given this situation, the rapporteur highlighted the Commission's intent to issue an amending letter at the end of September. Ms Vana pointed out this is after the procedure for amendments will have closed (1 September), putting the democratic accountability of the budgetary procedure at stake. Ms Vana also highlighted that the process to implement a new pilot methodology to track contributions to gender equality is ahead of schedule.

Both the rapporteur and the MEPs agree that EIGE should be allocated more budget. EIGE has been experiencing staffing problems for several years but the situation became very concerning as of 2020.