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29-11-2021 - 08:57 ITRE

The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy will hold a hearing, on 30 November. The aim is to shed light on the complex issues of today's telecommunications priorities and challenges. The hearing will address European digital connectivity goals, the barriers and difficulties in 5G rollout, in view of an effective 6G transition. A special focus will be given to the environmental aspects of the ICT sector, and the new efficiency measures already available.

AIDA public hearing Implicit bias and AI
29-11-2021 - 08:52 AIDA

The Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age will hold a hearing on AI and bias, on 30 November. The hearing will comprise two-panel discussions with experts from academia, civil society, and industry, followed by a Q&A with the Committee. The first panel will focus on the impact of bias on the development of trustworthy AI. The second one will explore algorithmic accountability, data governance, and reducing bias in AI systems.

Two women holding up a poster
29-11-2021 - 08:52 FEMM

The Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality will hold an inter-parliamentary Committee meeting on ‘Eliminating Violence against Women’, on 30 November. This year's meeting will consist of four sessions. The first panel will deal with sexual violence as a weapon of war. The second panel will deal with preventing and combating violence against women and girls with disabilities. The third and fourth panels will deal with cyber violence and the Istanbul Convention.

Stop racism
29-11-2021 - 08:51 LIBE EMPL

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, in association with the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, will hold a hearing on anti-racism, on 30 November 2021. As a result of the European Parliament resolution following the death of George Floyd, the Commission developed and adopted the European Union Anti-Racism Action Plan 2020-2025. The hearing will assess the Action Plan and identify further steps to develop and implement it fully.

Child labor in developing countries
29-11-2021 - 08:49 DEVE INTA

The Committee on Development and the Committee on International Trade will hold a joint hearing, on 30 November. The hearing will focus on the ways to tackle child labour in developing countries. 2021 is the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, and Members of the European Parliament together with some distinguished panellists will debate how the European development cooperation policy and initiatives best serve to address the root causes of child labour.

29-11-2021 - 08:48 AGRI

The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development will debate on issues relating to the European Green Deal, the New EU Forest Strategy, and the regulation of genome-edited plants, on 30 November. The committee will also discuss antidumping measures on fertilizers and the Commission's recommendations to the Member States on the national Strategic Plans. The committee will also go over a draft opinion on food security in developing countries.

European pharmaceutical strategy
29-11-2021 - 08:48 ENVI

The Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety will have its annual debate with Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, on 30 November. The Committee will have the opportunity to ask about the topical issues EMA is currently confronted with, such as recent activities of the agency, the authorisations of vaccines and medicines, and the future objectives of the agency.

FISC Subcommittee
29-11-2021 - 08:47 FISC

The Subcommittee on Tax Matters will go over tax matters with Mr Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy, on 30 November. The aim is to discuss, among other things, the upcoming tax priorities of the Commission and the implementation of the OECD agreement. The Subcommittee will hold a public hearing on "Tax avoidance and evasion in the Pandora Papers" on the same day. The purpose is to gather information from experts on the recent media revelations known as "Pandora Papers.”

SEDE Strategic Compass - 30 November 2021
26-11-2021 - 12:01 SEDE

The Subcommittee on Security and Defence will hold a debate with Commissioner Thierry Breton on the priorities of the Commission's work programme to reinforce the development of the objectives of the Strategic Compass, on 29 November. The committee will also discuss with Charles Fries, EEAS Deputy Secretary-General for CSDP and crisis response, the state of play of the Strategic Compass in light of the FAC Defence Ministers’ meetings, on 30 November.

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