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IMCO Committee Chair
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Welcome on the website of the IMCO Committee and thank you for your interest! The IMCO Committee is responsible for the legislative oversight and scrutiny of EU rules on the single market, including the digital single market, customs and consumer protection.

A well-regulated single market is key to achieving the EU Green Deal's objectives and meeting the Paris Agreement's climate goals in order to foster innovation and competitiveness for businesses while maintaining and adjusting a high level of consumer protection as well as social and environmental standards.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that we cannot take the achievements of the EU's internal market for granted. We have to defend the future integrity of the single market, but we must also update it. We have many challenges and opportunities ahead, including further unlocking the potential of the digital single market and making better use of the single market in services. Upholding our high standards should be at the forefront of our goals.

The committee works with Member States and the Commission to ensure that single market rules are practicable and implemented fully and on time. It is a privilege to Chair this important Committee and to work with Members from across the political spectrum to bring real benefits to consumers and businesses across the single market.

Anna Cavazzini

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