Industrial Emissions: vote on the outcome of interinstitutional negotiations

15-01-2024 - 16:52
Industrial emissions
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On 11 January, ENVI voted on the provisional agreement on the revision of the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) and the Regulation on the establishment of an Industrial Emissions Portal (IEP) reached on 28 November 2023.

The agreement texts aim to ensure better protection of human health and the environment by reducing harmful emissions from agro-industrial installations. The latter are required to operate under a permit, issued by national authorities, using best available techniques (BAT) as the standard. Additionally, the new rules improve transparency and public participation by creating a more comprehensive and integrated industrial emissions portal.

The directive makes it mandatory to set emission levels as strict as possible and pushes industrial plants to focus more on energy, water and material efficiency and reuse, as well as promoting the use of safer and non-toxic chemicals in industrial processes. In addition, co-legislators agreed to extend the IED coverage to mining and large-scale battery production.

Finally, by 2026, the Commission will have to consider how to best address emissions from cattle farming, and by 2028 it will have to review and evaluate the implementation of the directive.