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ITRE Committee Chair Christian Silviu Busoi during the meeting ITRE Committee Chair Christian Silviu Busoi during the meeting
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Welcome to the ITRE Committee website. Our Committee legislate on several of the most important policy areas of the European Union, being responsible for industrial policy, EU research and innovation policy, space policy, energy policy and the application of new technologies. What we do, therefore, has a direct impact on citizens' lives and must therefore use these powers to foster and bring positive changes. If the COVID-19 pandemic has showed us anything, it's that the EU needs a genuine, much more ambitious industrial policy strategy focused on protecting certain strategic sectors of our economy that are essential for upholding our way of life and protecting our citizens. Furthermore we need to ensure the transition of our energy systems to achieve the strategic goal of decarbonisation. It is important to inspire the world, but equally important is to make sure we are competitive, maintain the energy security of the European Union and keep jobs for European citizens.