14-07-2021 13:45
Joint Hearing on "How to improve air passenger rights during the COVID-19 crisis?"

Passenger in waiting area
air passenger rights © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

This public hearing assessed how effectively air passenger rights have been safeguarded during the COVID-19 outbreak and it examined whether the EU’s current legal framework on passenger rights is adequate to deal with such crises. Many passengers had their flights cancelled by their airlines and national emergency measures were taken, such as flight bans, imposing quarantine requirements or requiring a negative COVID-19 test from passengers.

EU countries also introduced further emergency measures to support airlines, by granting state aid or by allowing more flexibility in the way airlines refund passengers.

The European Court of auditors presented its report, focusing on the Commission's role and providing some recommendations for a better protection and information of, and also improving tools and legislation for air passenger rights.
This public hearing provided Members an overview of good practices and suggest recommendations on future actions to be taken in order to guarantee the necessary improvements of air passenger rights enforcement.