JURI votes, Hearing on EU Green Prosecutor and Workshop on better regulation

16-03-2022 - 11:32
Vote © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

At the meeting of 14 and 15 March 2022, the Committee on Legal Affairs voted on the draft opinions on general product safety (2021/0170(COD)) and on rule of law (2021/2180(INI)). The JURI Committee voted also on the draft report on corporate sustainability reporting (2021/0104(COD)) and on the decision to enter into interinstitutional negotiations.

The Members further held a hearing on EU Green Prosecutor (joint with PETI Committee) and a Workshop on better regulation. They also heard a presentation by the Policy Department C of the Study on Sunset Clauses in International Law and their Consequences for EU Law. Moreover, they will hear presentation of the annual report 2021 and work programme 2022 of the EP Coordinator on Children's Rights, Mrs Ewa Kopacz, Vice-President of the European Parliament. Finally, they considered the draft opinion on Artificial Intelligence Act (2021/0106(COD)).