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The Work in Progress shows the legislative procedures currently in progress in each committee. Each entry indicates the type of procedure, the name of the rapporteur and whether the committee has been called upon as the committee responsible or to give its opinion. Entries also contain a link to the Legislative Observatory, which shows the entire detail of the procedure, including any relevant documents. Once a procedure has finished at the committee stage, it will be voted on in plenary and will then be deemed to be completed.

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Harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) and amending certain Union Legislative Acts

***I Ordinary legislative procedure (COD) first reading 2021/0106(COD) JURI
i Asked for an opinion

Artificial intelligence in criminal law and its use by the police and judicial authorities in criminal matters

Own-initiative procedure (INI) 2020/2016(INI) JURI
Rapporteur : Angel DZHAMBAZKI [ECR]
Shadow rapporteur(s) : Emmanuel MAUREL [GUE/NGL], Jiří POSPÍŠIL [PPE], Patrick BREYER [Verts/ALE], Franco ROBERTI [S&D], Adrián VÁZQUEZ LÁZARA [Renew]
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