A committee is permitted to organise a hearing with experts, where this is considered essential to its work on a particular subject. Hearings can also be held jointly by two or more committees. Most committees organise regular hearings, as they allow them to hear from experts and hold discussions on the key issues. On this page you will find all the available information relating to committee hearings, including programmes and contributions from speakers.

11-07-2017 - Hearing on Media Pluralism and Freedom in the EU

LIBE 07-12-2017 - 13:53
Media pluralism and freedom in the EU

On 11 July the LIBE Committee will hold a public hearing on "Media Pluralism and Freedom in the EU" . Citizens’ fundamental rights to freedom of expression and information - enshrined in Article 11 of the Charter - can be only guaranteed through media freedom and pluralism.

It is particularly important to monitor and supervise the development of national media legislation and practices and its impact on media freedom an pluralism in the EU. The aim of the public hearing is to reflect on the situation in the EU and identify avenues to strengthen independence and better protect journalists and their freedom of expression.

Presentations from the speakers

      Pier Luigi PARCU, Director of the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (Florence)
      Thijs BERMAN, Principal Adviser, Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media Organisation for Freedom and Security in Europe (OSCE)
      Renate SCHROEDER, Director of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)
      Marilyn CLARK, Associate Professor with the Department of Psychology, University of Malta
      Judit BAYER and Petra BARD, Professors, CEPS