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EU member states should prioritise public investment in education, healthcare, housing, family support and childcare, making sure that these services reach all children.

Today, MEPs will assess the situation on the Canary Islands, following the surge in migrants’ arrivals in the last months and the limited reception capacity.

The new EP Frontex Scrutiny Working Group (FSWG) formally began its work on Tuesday 23 February with the appointment of its Chair and a rapporteur.

General Lecouffe, the candidate selected by the Council for the position of the Europol’s Deputy Executive Director, will appear on Wednesday before the Civil Liberties committee.

On Wednesday, MEPs will discuss women’s rights and the rule of law in Poland with Commissioner Dalli and civil society representatives.

The new EP Frontex Scrutiny Working Group (FSWG) will monitor all aspects of the functioning of the border agency, including its compliance with fundamental rights.

On Wednesday, MEPs called for democratic oversight of tech giants to safeguard freedom of expression.

The use of sexual services provided by trafficking victims must be criminalised and harder measures to tackle its proliferation are needed, Parliament says.

Fully democratic and highly transparent decision-making at European level is indispensable to increase citizens’ trust in the EU institutions, according to the Parliament.

EU countries are obliged to prevent unauthorised border crossings into European territory but they also have to ensure respect of fundamental rights, including the right to request asylum.