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Debate today on Article 7 developments and the state of LGBTI rights in Poland and Hungary with Commissioner for Justice Reynders and Commissioner for Equality Dalli.

The alleged involvement of Frontex staff in pushbacks of asylum-seekers by the Greek border guard will be the focus of a debate in the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday.

The EU must help member states at the external borders to manage migration flows and ensure that those seeking protection are welcomed in line with its core values.

On Thursday from 10:00 to 16:30, MEPs and national MPs will gather virtually to discuss how to manage migration and asylum in Europe.

The Civil Liberties Committee warns against an array of risks for fundamental rights across the EU and calls on the Commission and member states to take action.

Improving information exchange, checks at external borders and countering radicalization, all while safeguarding fundamental freedoms, are key for a successful counterterrorism strategy.

In the wake of several terror attacks in Europe, MEPs will discuss ways to step up security cooperation and improve information exchange between police forces.

On Tuesday, MEPs and members of national parliaments will discuss with representatives of key institutions how to make the most of the new annual democracy review in EU member states.

Media freedom within the EU has deteriorated recently, says the Civil Liberties Committee, concerned about journalists faced with violence, harassment and pressure.

The Civil Liberties Committee urges the Commission to evaluate “first wave” national measures to assess their impact on citizens’ rights and freedoms.