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Parliament and Council negotiators reached a deal on Thursday night that updates rules on how EU fishing vessels can access national waters.

Ministers are outlining the priorities of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU to parliamentary committees, in a series of meetings.

EU vessels will be allowed to continue fishing in the Mauritian waters for tuna for additional six months under the same conditions.

The European Parliament approved transposition of new fisheries rules into EU legislation.

Next week from 18 to 20 July six members of the Committee for fisheries will visit several fishing ports and facilities in northern Portugal.

EP’s fisheries committee temporarily extended the protocol implementing the EU-Mauritius fisheries agreement on Tuesday.

MEPs agreed to provide financial help to EU fisheries and aquaculture sectors dealing with the economic consequences of the Russian invasion.

MEPs gave a green light to the new fisheries protocol between the European Union and the Cook Islands.

Twelve MEPs from the Development, Fisheries, and Environment committees will attend the UN Ocean Conference in Portugal to discuss halting the rapid decline in ocean health.

The EP Fisheries Committee approved on Monday financial support for EU fisheries and the aquaculture sector in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.