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Next Petitions Committee meeting

01-02-2023 - 11:21
The next PETI Committee meeting will take place on:

Monday 27 February 2023 15.00 - 18.30
Tuesday 28 February 2023 9.00 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 18.30

Brussels: Room SPINELLI (ASP) 3G2


A bee foraging on a flower and 2 agriculture persons on a green agriculture field
25-01-2023 - 21:01

On Tuesday 24 January, the ENVI and AGRI Committees, in association with the Committee on Petitions (PETI) held a public hearing on the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) "Save bees and farmers! Towards a bee-friendly agriculture for a healthy environment".

medicines and money on a blue back background
12-01-2023 - 16:13

This Workshop, organised by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the Committee on Petitions, focuses on transparency with regard to pricing and reimbursement of medicinal products. There still are problems regarding transparency of research and development costs of originator companies, and information on the actual prices paid for medicines.