High level conference on "Protecting online privacy by enhancing IT security "

European Parliament Brussels - Altiero Spinelli (ASP) A5G-2

The European Parliament conducted in 2013 an Inquiry on "electronic mass surveillance", resulting in an initial resolution adopted in March 2014 and a follow-up one in October 2015.

An important part of these two resolutions addresses the question of the current vulnerability of EU IT security and suggests several actions in this field to enhance European citizens' online privacy, such as: enhancing encryption and anonymization of electronic communications; developing minimum security or privacy standards for IT systems, networks and services; reshaping the internet architecture; boosting EU IT technological capabilities.

This high-level conference, organized together with the Luxembourg Presidency, aims at bringing together outstanding European academics and professionals in the various fields conductive to online privacy and the main policy makers at national and European level in this area in order to discuss these complex issues, interact and come up with bold, innovative ideas to help foster an EU IT and online privacy protection strategy for the next years.