Transfer of vehicles registered in another MS within the Single Market

MEP Dita Charanzova MEP Dita Charanzova
MEP Dita Charanzova

The EP is working to remove motor vehicle registration problems for citizens moving from one Member State (MS) to another within the Single Market. The EC proposal from 2012 will harmonise, streamline, and simplify the procedures for re-registration of motor vehicles registered in another MS. Notwithstanding the progressing integration of the Single Market, motor vehicle registration problems remain a frequent obstacle for citizens when exercising their rights under EU law in their daily lives.

To address those problems, the EC presented a legislative proposal on 4.4.2012, and IMCO adopted the report on 9.07.2013.

Following that, IMCO decided to enter informal negotiations with a view of reaching agreement with the Council in January 2014. However, the Council decided to suspend the negotiations and asked the EC for a supplementary impact assessment, which was delivered in December 2014.

The debate in plenary took place on 15.04.2014 and the report was sent back to IMCO for further examination while awaiting the Council to resume the negotiations.

On 24.02.2015, IMCO voted to update its position. While the proposal remains under discussion in the Council, it is hoped that the updated IMCO position could help to encourage the Council to finalise their position and to get back to negotiating table.

Rapporteur: D. CHARANZOVÁ (ALDE)
Shadow Rapporteurs: O. KARAS(EPP), C. STIHLER (S&D), R. SULIK (ECR), J. MASTALKA (GUE/NGL), P. DURAND(Greens/EFA), tba (EFDD), tba (ENF)