Latest AFCO-related studies

07-07-2020 - 17:13

The Policy Department has recently published a series of studies on the following AFCO-related topics listed below. Please find the full abstracts of the above-mentioned studies and links to the complete publications on the link provided shortly after.

· The European Parliament's Right of inquiry in context - A comparison of the national and the European legal frameworks

This study provides an analysis of Parliament's right of inquiry as of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty.

· Inquiries by Parliaments - The political use of a democratic right

This study discusses the theoretical basis of parliamentary investigation, compares recent committees of inquiries and develops recommendations for up-grading the European Parliament's capacity.

· Committees of Inquiry in National Parliaments - Comparative Survey

This survey looks into the legal and administrative framework in which parliamentary committees of inquiry operate in the EU Member States.

· Possible Avenues for Further Political Integration in Europe

This study analyses possible avenues for further political integration in the EU after Brexit, considering the potentials of the Conference on the Future of Europe.