MEPs to scrutinize external EU Trust Funds and Turkey Refugee Facility

27-04-2021 - 09:34
A drawn red hand holding a red Euro coin. A drawn red hand holding a red Euro coin.
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On Monday 19th April the AFET/DEVE/BUDG committees had the first consideration of the joint implementation report that seeks to make a political evaluation of the EU Trust Funds (EUTFs) established since 2014 and extended until December 2021, as well as the Facility for Refugees in Turkey (FRT).

Parliament has acknowledged the value-added of these extra-budgetary (EUTFs) and extraordinary (FRT) tools but has also voiced its criticism regarding its limited role in the scrutiny of their operations/disbursement.

The report will assess the EUTFs/FRT implementation and make proposals for the way forward under the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF - EU's long term budget).