27-09-2021 16:45
US trade policy

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EU-US trade © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

The EU and the US share values and objectives but what are the concrete actions they can take jointly or in coordination to ensure that they are reflected in the global trade order? The EU Ambassador in Washington will set the scene for two panel discussions on US trade policy with eminent experts focusing respectively on global fair trade and enforcement of international labour commitments.

The US trade policy and how the EU and the USA can work better together for a fairer and more effective trade policy is the focus of this exchange of views. This is an interesting topic especially in times of increased trade protectionism and post-pandemic economic recovery. Keynote speech will be delivered by the EU Ambassador in Washington, S. Lambrinidis. The Committee will also hear from eminent experts about the US perspective on a possible EU-US strategic approach to ensure a global level playing field (P. Lamy, President emeritus, Jacques Delors Institute; J. Hillman, Senior Fellow, CFR) and on how the EU and the US can make international trade agreements work better in practice, in particular when it comes to labour commitments (K. Claussen, Associate Professor of Law, University of Miami; C. Bown, Senior Fellow, PIIE). The Chief Trade Enforcement Officer, D. Redonnet, will intervene at the end and B. Lange, INTA Chair and Rapporteur for the USA, will conclude the hearing.