Public hearing “Fishers for the future”

11-10-2021 - 19:08
Young fisherman driving fishing boat Young fisherman driving fishing boat
Fishers for the future © Image used under the license from Adobe stock

On 11 October 2021, from 16:45 to 18:45, the PECH Committee held a public hearing on “Fishers for the future - Attracting a new generation of labour to the fishing industry and generating employment in coastal communities”.

Work on fishing vessels involves high risks; although the number of injuries has been reduced over the last ten years, the fatality rate has remained constantly higher than in other land-based industries.Despite the risks, hundreds of thousands of people are employed in the EU's primary fisheries industry. Impressive yes, but the lack of interest on behalf of young people to engage in sea fishing is a reason for caution. For a number of reasons youth looks elsewhere for employment.
Consequently employers look for labour across EU Member states and more frequently from abroad while Europe grapples with unemployment in many coastal communities.Some of Europe's prominent experts in the field will present the various aspects of the safety and employment at sea issues, followed by Q&A session with the Members.