MFF and the RRF and gender budgeting methodologies - 29.9.22

27-10-2022 - 15:28
Drawing of political people holding coins and the public services which are financed.
Gender budgeting © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

On 29 September 2022, the FEMM Committee debated with Commission and EIGE on the gender budgeting methodologies.

FEMM committee welcomed for an exchange of views Ms Céline Gauer, Director-General, Head of the Recovery and Resilience Task Force (EC). Since its 2019 resolution, the Parliament is committed to ensuring that the annual budgetary procedures integrate gender-responsive elements and for an EP joint gender action plan that provides a gender perspective in all its activities. In this framework and following the EIGE roadmap for the implementation of the Gender Action Plan, FEMM took stock of the commitment of the Commission under the MFF and RRF and further contributed with concrete proposals and tools to be developed by the committees to further strengthen gender budgeting methodologies.