08-12-2022 13:30
ING2 Exchange of views on Chinese overseas police service stations in the EU

SPINELLI 1G-3 (Brussels)
Image showing a world map, China highlighted in red
ING2 exchange of views with Safeguard Defenders on 8 December 2022 © Safeguard Defenders

On 8 December from 13.30 to 14.30, Ms Laura Harth, representing the non-profit organisation Safeguard Defenders, will present the main findings of the organisation's latest report entitled "110 Overseas - Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild" in the meeting of the ING2 special committee. This report reveals the existence of a far-reaching network of overseas Chinese police stations targeting Chinese expatriates established within the Member States of the European Union, and beyond.

In association with the LIBE Committee, Members will discuss about the veracity of the evidence brought by the report and examine the issues at stake in terms both of foreign interference and of the respect of fundamental freedoms on the Europe soil.