Exchange of views on Youth unemployment, in particular in outermost regions

28-04-2023 - 19:21
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On 26 April EMPL committee members exchanged views with different stakeholders to discuss the nature and root causes of youth unemployment, particularly in the outermost regions, and identify good practices, strategies and policies, particularly at EU level, to address these challenges.

The 2023 Joint Employment Report highlights that youth unemployment is a significant societal challenge, with long-term negative consequences on young people's skills and labour market prospects. In Q2-2022, the youth unemployment rate was almost three times that of the overall population aged 25-74, with some Member States having rates as high as 30%. The situation is even worse in the outermost regions due to their permanent constraints on development, resulting in employment rates and GDP levels well below the European and national average, with youth unemployment rates ranging from 20-30%.