European historical consciousness

19-09-2023 - 16:11
Black & White dramatic Railway track with extreme close up and fading into distance.
European historical consciousnes © Image used under license from Adobe Stock

A new CULT own-initiative report on "European historical consciousness" (Rapporteur: Niyazi Kizilyürek) examines ways and means to deal with Europe’s complex, conflict-ridden and contested past.

Based on the findings of two Policy Department studies, the report is organised in four parts: 1. Dealing with Europe's (dark) past as a risk and an opportunity; 2. Politics of the past in the European Union - a critical assessment; 3. Towards an informed historical consciousness in Europe; 4. Outlook: the legacy of the past and the EU's future. It assesses past and current "politics of the past" at EU level, identifies existing shortcomings, and describes ways to foster a "culture of remembering" and a (self-)critical historical consciousness, which is considered central for Europeans to be able to come to terms with their past, confidently deal with the present and work towards a common future.