Public hearing: Decarbonising EU fisheries and aquaculture

13-11-2023 - 17:13
Small fishing boat at the sunrise with a foggy city in the background
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On Tuesday, 24 October 2023, the Committee on Fisheries held a public hearing entitled "Decarbonisation of fisheries and aquaculture". The objective of this hearing is to listen to various stakeholders on the way to overcome existing regulatory and technical obstacles to provide attractive operational solutions to the fisheries sector, while supporting the transition towards decarbonisation.

The Commission recently published a 'fisheries and oceans' package, which includes an action plan on decarbonising EU fisheries and aquaculture, presented to PECH Committee on 1 March and 26 April. On 16 June the Commission launched an energy transition partnership for EU fisheries and aquaculture (ETP) involving stakeholders (industry, shipbuilders, ports, energy providers, research centres, governmental authorities, national institutions, non-governmental organisations and the general public).