SEDE: Exchange of views with European Commissioner Thierry Breton

13-03-2024 - 15:13
SEDE meeting 26 October 2022
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On 19 March, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market, will present to the SEDE Members the newly released European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS) together with the proposed European Defence Industry Programme (EDIP), which set ambitious targets to enhance the defence readiness of the European Union and its Member States. ...

In camera, a tour d'horizon on EU security and defence priorities will be given by the EEAS Deputy Secretary General Charles Fries and SEDE Members will hold an exchange of views with the EEAS and Rear Admiral Vasileios Gryparis, Operation Commander of EUNAVFOR ASPIDES on the Red Sea crisis and the establishment of the CSDP defensive maritime security operation EUNAVFOR ASPIDES.