Public hearing on ‘Schengen Borders - issues raised by petitioners’

11-07-2023 - 12:23
Schengen area map with passport and EU flag
Schengen Area Borders - Issues raised by petitioners © Adobe Stock

On Tuesday 18 July 2023, the Committee on Petitions, in association with the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, will hold a public hearing on ‘Schengen Borders - issues raised by petitioners’

Following a number of petitions received on internal border checks among Member States belonging to the Schengen area, the Committee on Petition decided to organize a public hearing to give voice to citizens' concerns over the reintroduction of such controls, thus limiting the free movement of persons within the EU.

The hearing will also touch upon other aspects, such as the strengths and weaknesses of the Schengen area, including in relation to its extension.