Public hearing on "The Cum-Ex/Cum-cum scandal"

17-02-2021 - 17:42
Subcommittee on Tax Matters (FISC) Subcommittee on Tax Matters (FISC)
Public Hearing on “The Cum-Ex/Cum-cum scandal” © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

On 24 February 2021, FISC Subcommittee will address the tax scam that between 2002 and 2012 took 55 billion euros out of European Tax Authorities coffers known as “Cum-Ex/Cum-Cum”. Members of the FISC Subcommittee will learn from the investigations of Ms Olaya Argueso Perez, Editor in Chief at Correctiv about the mechanisms that were used by actors to request multiple refunds of withholding taxes and the recommendations and lessons to be learned from.

In addition, Prof. Christoph Spengel, Professor of International Business Taxation at Mannheim University and Scientific Council of the German Federal Ministry of Finance will share with the Subcommittee on Tax Matters his point of view and propose technical solutions to stop the problem. What is more, Members will have the possibility to address the past and prospective role of ESMA within this framework thanks to the presence of Mr. Fabrizio Planta, Head of Markets and Data Reporting Department at ESMA.