22-06-2021 16:15
Resilience against foreign interference – discussions with rapporteur and experts

Countering hybrid threats Countering hybrid threats
Hybrid threats © Image used under the licence from Adobe Stock

On 22 June, MEPs discussed three important documents on how to make the EU more resilient: a study about how to involve the whole society, a study about investments used to destabilise democracy and the 4th working document of INGE rapporteur Sandra Kalniete, called "Building EU resilience against hybrid threats".

The study "Best Practises in the whole-of-society approach in countering hybrid threats" was presented by Dr Mikael Wigell, Programme Director, Global Security Programme, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Dr Edoardo Bressanelli, "Montalcini" Assistant Professor in Political Science, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa), presented his study "Investing in destabilisation: How foreign money is used to undermine democracy in the EU". After the two studies, was the presentation of the 4th working document by Ms Sandra Kalniete, INGE rapporteur, on building EU resilience against hybrid threats.