Review of the Energy Efficiency Directive

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The Commission proposal for the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive is a key file of the Clean Energy Package adopted by the Commission on 30 November 2016. "Energy efficiency first" is a key element of the Energy Union, which this proposal puts it into practice.

The proposal sets a 30% binding energy efficiency target for 2030 at EU level, aligning energy efficiency targets with the EU 2030 climate and energy framework. This will give Member States and investors a long term perspective to plan their policies and investments and to adapt their strategies towards energy efficiency.

The proposal is also extending beyond 2020 the energy saving obligation requiring energy suppliers and distributors to save 1.5% of energy each year from 2021 to 2030.

To further empower consumers as key players in the energy market, the Commission proposes to improve the provision of information on heating and cooling consumption and strengthen the consumers' rights in metering and billing of thermal energy.

Rapporteur: A. Gierek (S&D)
Shadows: M. Pieper (EPP), A. Van Bossuyt (ECR), G-J. Gerbrandy (ALDE), B. Javor (Greens), X. Benito Ziluaga (GUE), D. Tamburrano (EFDD), A. Ciocca (ENF)