Sexual harassment in the EU and MeToo evaluation - draft report - 25.01.23

25-01-2023 - 12:36
Me Too women walking
MeToo © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

On Wednesday, 25 January 2023, FEMM Members debated a draft report on the directive on “Sexual harassment in the EU and MeToo evaluation”.

The draft report by the rapporteur reaffirms the EU's commitment to tackling gender-based violence and reiterates its call for the EU and the Member States to ratify the Istanbul Convention. It expresses regret that, in spite of the progress initiated by the MeToo campaign, cases of sexual harassment still occur in the European institutions, including Parliament and calls for the introduction of mandatory harassment prevention training for all Members. The rapporteur calls for full transparency about how Parliament is addressing issues of harassment and calls for an independent evaluation of the measures in place by external and auditors selected in a transparent procedure.