25-02-2021 13:45
The EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement

European Parliament/Virtual
EU-Mercosur agreement EU-Mercosur agreement
EU-Mercosur agreement © European Parliament

On 25 February INTA will organise a hearing on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. The EU and Latin America have strong historical and cultural links. The EU-Mercosur agreement can further reinforce the economic, trade and political relations between both continents as it is not only a free trade agreement but a broad association agreement with a key geostrategic and geopolitical dimension.

In parallel, the agreement has also raised questions as regards its trade and sustainable development elements, for instance when it comes to the fight against deforestation and climate change.

During this public hearing, experts, stakeholders and decision-makers will discuss key elements of the trade part of the EU-Mercosur agreement, covering in particular its sustainability impact assessment and trade and sustainable development chapter, as well as its economic and social dimensions for businesses and workers.