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Next TRAN meeting: 4 March 2024

23-02-2024 - 09:07


CountEmissionsEU; greenhouse gas emissions
23-02-2024 - 09:45

The committees on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and on Transport and Tourism will vote on their joint report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the accounting of greenhouse gas emissions of transport services (CountEmissionsEU).

23-02-2024 - 09:45

The Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) will vote its report on the use of railways infrastructure capacity in the single European railways area. The proposed legislation will allow for more optimal use of the rail tracks and increase punctuality and reliability.

public transport
14-02-2024 - 16:51

The TRAN Committee held a public hearing on the “How to boost public transport and deal with the challenges faced by the sector”. This hearing was devoted to two aspects of future transport policy: 1. Expanding the public transport offering and increasing passenger numbers, while making it more efficient, affordable, sustainable, secure and accessible. 2. At the same time, a series of challenges that public transport operators are dealing with: these include the impact of Covid-19,

Young happy postal worker making delivery at residential district.
14-02-2024 - 16:50

The overall objective of the Workshop is to provide expert input on the suitability of the existing post and parcel legislation, considering in particular the trends observed in the past years, such as the boom of e-commerce and online sales, further exacerbated by COVID-19. It consider whether current rules need to evolve, taking into account also working conditions and sustainability issues.

Transportation and logistic network distribution growth. Container cargo ship and trucks of industrial cargo freight for shipping. Business logistic import export and transport industry.
24-01-2024 - 13:01

All transport modes are currently experiencing a profound transformation due to new disruptive technologies related to digitalisation, automation and big data/Artificial Intelligence (AI), with significant effects on the business as well as the workforce. TRAN held on 23 January 2024 a workshop on "New demands and skills for the green and digital transformation of the transport and automotive sectors".