22-03-2021 13:45

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Shape of the map of Europe with LGBTI colours displayed Shape of the map of Europe with LGBTI colours displayed
LGBTI rights concept © Image used under the license of Adobestock

The PETI Committee has requested the Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs to organise a Workshop on LGBTI+ rights in the EU to discuss the situation of LGBTI+ persons notably as they emerge from the petitions received by the EP, to examine the new Strategy on LGBTIQ rights recently presented by the Commission and to address the problem represented by the obstacles to the free movement of Rainbow Families through a dedicated study.

LGBTI+ persons still experience discrimination, persecution, violence in the European Union of 2021. The European Parliament has been at the forefront in calling for the protection of the fundamental rights of LGBTI+ persons and for equality regardless of sexual orientation, through a fully-fledged LGBTIQ strategy, which was finally adopted by the Commission on 11 November 2020. The strategy also deals with the obstacles rainbow families live when they move from a Member State to another Member State, which are illustrated by the petitions received by the EP. The Commission has announced legislative initiatives to ensure the free movement and mutual recognition of rainbow families across the EU.