11-10-2021 12:00
Benefits and results of Complementary Integrative Medicine therapies

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Complementary Integrative Medicine therapies
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The aim of this workshop in the form of a webinar is to provide background and technical information and advice to the members of the ENVI Committee on the latest findings and trends in the field of complementary and alternative therapies as well as to present the benefits of CIM and some examples and latest results.

Complementary medicine refers to all treatments used alongside conventional medical treatments, thn we speak of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and Complementary Integrative Medicine (CIM). For instance, acupuncture can support cancer treatment or yoga can reduce anxiety. However, those practices' and therapies' application is different across the continent, we have huge diversity in regulation across the EU with regards to who can practice, what qualifications are required and how the services are offered and financed. For instance, in Austria, France, Spain and Italy, only medical doctors can practice acupuncture while in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, it is widely performed by non-medically qualified practitioners.

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