11-01-2021 13:45
Public Hearing: Beating cancer - empowering patients and their caregivers

Brussels, European Parliament, Room: ANTALL 4Q1 and with remote participation
BECA Hearing
Beating Cancer © Image use under the license of Adobe Stock

The Beating Cancer committee (BECA) put patients and their caregivers first on Monday 11 January 2021during a hearing that was entirely dedicated to patients' experiences and their recommendations for the forthcoming BECA report.

Cancer patients face various problems such as:
  • physical trauma
  • mental health issues
  • difficulties to return to school, work or leisure
  • work-life balance issues
They also often lack adequate medical, psychological, social and financial support during their treatments, as do their families and caregivers. Additionally, people with work-related cancer sometimes face additional challenges resulting from the lack of recognition of their disease. Another difficulty is the lack of a recognized legal status for caregivers in some Member States.

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