04-02-2021 13:45
World Cancer Day: Impact of COVID19 and other health threats on cancer

European Parliament Brussels, Spinelli Building room 3C050
short haired young adult woman wearing protective facial mask on face against wall indoors
Impact COVID19-pandemic on cancer treatment and care © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

On World Cancer Day, 4 February, the Special Committee on Beating Cancer examined the alarming impact of the COVID19-pandemic and other health threats on cancer during a public hearing in the European Parliament.

Renowned experts addressed the effects of the COVID19-crisis and infectious diseases on health systems and cancer research, diagnosis and treatments. Medical doctors shared their experiences on the ground on diagnosing and treating cancer through the COVID19 pandemic.The hearing also covered the issues of antimicrobial resistance as a growing concern for cancer and the potential use of mRNA technology to help treat cancer.
A summary of the hearing is available by clicking on the link below.