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Next FEMM and EMPL-LIBE-FEMM committee meetings - 12 July 2022

29-06-2022 - 12:18
FEMM Meeting FEMM Meeting
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The next meetings will take place on:
  • 12 July June 9.00-12.30 FEMM
  • 12 July 14.30-18.00 EMPL-LIBE-FEMM Interparliamentary committee meeting on the rights of Ukrainian women fleeing the war


Two women reading a document
29-06-2022 - 12:28

At the joint JURI-FEMM meeting of 16 June 2022, Members voted on the provisional agreement on the so-called “Women on Boards” Directive resulting from interinstitutional negotiations. On 7 June 2022 EP and Council negotiators reached a historic deal on this Directive that aims to introduce transparent recruitment procedures in companies, so that at least 40% of non-executive director posts or 33% of all director posts are occupied by the under-represented sex.

Gender-specific Measures in Anti-trafficking Actions
29-06-2022 - 12:26

On Wednesday 15 June 2022, the FEMM and LIBE committees heard from the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Diane Schmitt, regarding the Anti-Trafficking Plan to protect people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

29-06-2022 - 12:26

The FEMM committee adopted two reports on Thursday 16 June 2022. The Women’s poverty in Europe report (2021/2170(INI)), by rapporteur Lina Gálvez Muñoz (S&D), proposes measures to ensure that women's poverty in Europe is no longer the result of a lifetime of discrimination.

Profile of a Vice-President of the European Parliament.
29-06-2022 - 12:20

Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Vice-President of the European Parliament, presented the “Roadmap for the Implementation of the Gender Action Plan”. The Gender Action Plan was approved on 6 July 2020, and the corresponding Roadmap on 24 March 2021. These documents outline the vision and the concrete targets for the coming years.

EU flag and bank notes
29-06-2022 - 12:19

FEMM opinion rapporteur presented her first amendments for the 2023 budget, following the publication of the Commission’s Statement of Estimates on 7 June 2022, and in advance of the publication of the draft budget on 1 July 2022 and the Council’s position on 13 July 2022.

Photo showing hands holding ribbons showing support for cancer research
29-06-2022 - 12:19

On Thursday, 16 June 2022, the Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs, at the request of the FEMM Committee, organised a workshop entitled ‘Women and cancer prevention’.

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