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Towards a more sustainable single market for business and consumers

27-10-2020 - 20:42
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On 26 October, IMCO voted on Mr David Cormand’s (Greens/EFA) draft report on “Towards a more sustainable Single Market”.

The draft report focuses on different policy areas, especially in the area of consumer protection, which are key to enhancing the sustainability of the single market. The Rapporteur proposed 20 compromise amendments, based on the 355 amendments tabled to the draft report. The compromise amendments refer to various issues, such as strengthened consumer rights and information on durability of products and services, increased repair and reuse of products, tackling of premature obsolescence, responsible marketing and advertising, sustainable public procurement. 20 IMCO Members voted in favour, 2 against and 23 abstained. The vote in Plenary is expected to take place in November 2020.