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Organisés par les départements thématiques, les ateliers permettent aux députés d''interroger des experts et de débattre avec eux sur des thèmes touchant aux travaux parlementaires ou à des questions d''actualité. Les ateliers, qui ne sont pas forcément publics, peuvent se tenir lors des réunions de commission.

Workshops hold during the previous parliamentary term: click here

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The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) is the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body. The EU became an observer to GRECO in 2019. The objective of this workshop is to exchange views on the EU’s potential full membership of GRECO in the future. Speakers from GRECO, the Commission, the Council, the Parliament and the civil society will engage in a lively discussion and the exchange of views.

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This workshop will focus on the problem of missing trader fraud and carousel fraud. Experts will give an overview of the extent of the problem and the impact of missing trader fraud on the EU budget. Questions on how to improve the current VAT system will be answered and speakers of different institutions will join and give potential solutions and recommendations on how to fight missing trader fraud.

the use of big data and Artificial Intelligence in fighting corruption and misuse of public funds: workshop

This workshop aims to investigate how the new technologies are already being used in the field of fraud, corruption and malpractice detection, as well as prevention, what are its limitations, and how its use could be improved. Also, on a more theoretical level, it tries to give a glimpse of how data mining and artificial intelligence are able to operate in the budgetary control sphere.

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The workshop on open spaces at EU institutions versus traditional work spaces will focus on the difference between different kind of offices spaces. It will answer the question on advantages and disadvantages, how Covid-19 has influence on the use of office space and employee well-being at work. The workshop will also focus on the current situation in the EU institutions regarding work spaces.

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The Committee on Budgetary Control held a workshop entitled 'Technical Workshop on Inter-, and Intra-institutional Cooperation in Budgetary Control' which aimed at explaining how the Court of Auditors (ECA) and the Commission cooperate with the European Parliament in order to assist the European Parliament in its exercise of political control with regard to the discharge on the implementation of the budget.

Cohesion Policy workshop in CONT committee

The Integrated Territorial Investment - ITI - is a tool introduced in 2015 in the Common Provision Regulation for use during the European Structural and Investment Funds programming period. This tool aims to make it easier to run territorial strategies that need funding from different sources. It also promotes a more local form of policymaking.



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