Une commission peut organiser une audition d'experts lorsqu'elle estime que celle-ci est indispensable pour ses travaux sur une question déterminée. Les auditions peuvent aussi être conduites conjointement par deux commissions ou plus. La plupart des commissions organisent régulièrement des auditions, qui leur permettent de connaître les points de vue d'experts et de débattre sur de grands enjeux. Vous trouverez sur la présente page tous les renseignements utiles sur les auditions organisées par les commissions, notamment les programmes et les interventions des orateurs.

Women sitting stretching her hand forward

On Thursday, 13 October 2022, the FEMM Committee will organise a public hearing on “Sexual violence and rape by those in power - the case of state forces”.

FISC Public hearing

On 13 October, FISC will host a public hearing on ‘Case Studies on Member States’ National Tax Policies - Luxembourg: Implemented National Tax Reforms and the Combat against Aggressive Tax Schemes’. Luxembourg is one of the smallest EU Member States, both in terms of size and population, but a major European and global financial hub. The country has been criticised for its corporate tax framework which businesses and high net-worth individuals may be employing for abusive tax purposes.

IMCO in association with ENVI will be holding a public hearing on 'Making the Internal Market for Construction Products fit for the 21st century'. The hearing will focus on important objectives of the revision of the Construction Products Regulation. These are the improvement of the existing harmonised rules for such products, as well as their alignment with the goals of the Green Deal and the increased uptake of digital technologies.

phone with name pegasus displayed on the screen

On 6 October PEGA committee heard the testimonies of 5 Members of the European Parliament that have been targeted with spyware.

Photo of Audrey Tang

The ING2 Special Committee will welcome Ms Audrey Tang, the Minister of Digital Affairs for Taiwan to its committee on Thursday 29 September from 11:30-12:30. After having met with Minister Tang in Taiwan during the INGE mission in November 2021, ING2 Members have the opportunity to further discuss Taiwan's responses to Chinese interference.

Image showing a map of Ukraine with a text Fake News

The ING2 meeting on Thursday 29 September from 9.00 to 12.30 will start with a hearing on "Russian disinformation and propaganda regarding Ukraine in the light of its war of aggression and its impact on democratic processes in the European Union".

Human rights in Brazil

On 26 September the Subcommittee on Human Rights will hold a hearing on Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Brazil. The hearing will follow up Parliament's call for indigenous peoples' rights to be fully protected, including their land, territories and resources.

Foreign interference during electoral processes, including through cyber-attacks, data leaks and malign communication

On 15 September PEGA committee organized a hearing on 'Use of spyware in Poland'. This hearing was a preparation for the PEGA delegation to Poland on 19 - 21 September. The hearing, as the delegation, has focused on fact-finding relating to the committee's mandate and on questions relating to the use of spyware in Poland.

Protection of journalists

In the light of recent revelations in the press regarding the use of spyware in Greece, on 8 September PEGA committee has organized a hearing on 'Use of spyware in Greece'.


In association with the Delegation for relations with the countries of Central America On 5 September DROI Members will hold a hearing on human rights violations by mining companies in Guatemala, with guest speakers: Luis Solano, Economist and investigative journalist; Carlos Choc, Local journalist from the Fenix mine area; Marlies Stappers, Executive director Impunity watch and Miguel Angel Galvez, Judge.

The purpose of this hearing is to take stock of the proposals adopted by the plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe and to analyse them from a political and legal point of view, in order to assess the most appropriate means to ensure their implementation, in particular those that may require a modification of the Treaties.