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The IMCO WG on the Digital Single Market will restart its works in the IX Parliamentary Term on 31st May (meeting webstreamed, from 13:45 to 15:45). The title of the next meeting is: “How can the Digital Single Market help us to advance in the ecological transition?”

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The IMCO Committee's work falls broadly into three policy areas: Internal market policy, which includes the digital single market; customs policy; and consumer protection policy. This section, headed "subject files", contains summaries of the files that IMCO has dealt with during the 8th legislative term (2014-2019). Click on the link for an overview of these file summaries arranged by policy area.

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The regulation (EU) No 952/2013 laying down the Union Customs Code undergoes periodic amendments to update the legal framework to the necessities of the customs controls in the field, to regulatory developments and to evolution in the planning of the development of technical features. As well, the Delegated and Implementing acts to the Union Customs Code are subject to periodic revisions and amended regularly through their respective procedures.

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The Commission proposal for a Regulation on the import of cultural goods aimed at a number of objectives: The creation of a customs framework for the import into the Union of this kind of goods, the protection of the cultural heritage of third countries at risk of unlawful trade, and the prevention of the financing of further illegal activities.

Consumer Rights Protection Regulation Concept

As part of the New Deal for Consumers package, the Commission published in April 2018 a proposal for a directive with the aim to strengthen enforcement of existing consumer protection rules and to modernise these rules in line with developments in the digital sphere. The proposal amended four existing directives on Consumer Rights, Unfair Commercial Practices, Unfair Contract Terms and Price Indication.

Contracts for the supply of digital content and Contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods

The sales of goods directive, including online and other distance sales, addresses consumer rights in case a good is defective. Currently there are only minimum EU requirements in place (Directive 1999/44/EC) and consequently in practise there are still different national laws, which would create legal uncertainty and affect consumers' confidence in cross-border shopping.

Contracts for the supply of digital content and Contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods

The proposed Directive aims at creating EU wide rules for faulty digital content in order to enhance consumer’s trust in the Digital Single Market and create legal certainty. Instead of having 28 different sets of rules for digital content sold online, harmonised rules will reduce the costs for traders and encourage them to expand cross-border. Together with the Directive on online and other distance sales of goods, the Digital Content proposal is presented as part of the Digital Market Strategy

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The proposal for regulation on Establishing the Customs programme for cooperation in the field of customs is part of the MFF package and is the successor to Customs 2020, opening a new multiannual period for actions aimed at strengthening the Customs Union. The programme continues to facilitate coordination between Member State authorities as well as capacity building, including training and exchange of best practices, in order to ensure a uniform application of EU customs legislation.