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16-11-2022 - 18:45

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display EU Disability Card text written on actual cards
18-11-2022 - 16:35

The Workshop, organised by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the Committee on Petitions, will focus on Disability Assessment, Mutual Recognition and the EU Disability Card and on the obstacles faced by persons with disabilities, and reported in petitions, when they move across the EU, due to lack of mutual recognition of disability status and related rights and differences in disability assessments.

Top view of flag of Europe rainbow lgbt pride, no flagpole. Plane design, layout. Flag background. Freedom and love concept. Pride month. activism, community and freedom
15-11-2022 - 16:37

On December 1st 2022, PETI Committee will hold a public hearing entitled 'Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation', in association with LIBE Committee and JURI Committee. This public hearing will address different forms of discrimination of LGBTI persons in some Member States.