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Single Market For Digital Services (Digital Services Act) – draft opinion - 1.07.2021

02-07-2021 - 11:49
Image with a hand and items related to consumers Image with a hand and items related to consumers
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On Thursday, 1 July, the FEMM Committee considered the draft opinion on the proposal for a regulation on a “Single Market For Digital Services (Digital Services Act or “DSA”) and amending Directive 2000/31/EC".

The Rapporteur considers that the proposal stops short of taking into account some particular vulnerabilities of women. Large online platforms should not be only obliged to disclose their algorithms to users, but also to regularly minimise their negative effects on users, including those with pre-existing health conditions such as depression or addictions. The supervision should also be strengthened by Member States while taking into account their respective socio-cultural context and national laws. Finally, the Rapporteur raises concerns on the freedom of expression and proposes slight changes to preserve it while regulating the digital space.