The product safety and market surveillance package


The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection requested the organisation of a workshop on the Product Safety and Market Surveillance package with the aim to acquire independent technical expertise on selected aspects of the two legislative proposals currently discussed in Parliament.

In addition to an overview of the US practices and regulations on market surveillance and product safety, the speakers presented best practices on how to maximise market surveillance with limited budget and the problems market surveillance authorities still face in practice. Experts also presented their views on the product safety proposal for regulation, from a legal and technical point of view

Ubiquitous Digital Single Market


The last decade marked a move from electronic, through mobile to ubiquitous services, defined as intelligent services providing users with real-time access to collaboratively generated information, everywhere, at any time and on any device.

The workshop presents leading examples of ubiquitous government services applied in South Korea, Japan, Canada, Estonia, the UK and the Netherlands, as well as ubiquitous market services, with the objective of considering how Europeans could benefit from ubiquitous government and market solutions.
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