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Addressing product safety in the single market

30-06-2020 - 16:51
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On 29 June, IMCO considered 289 amendments tabled to this draft Report. The Rapporteur underlined that the common aim is to improve the safety for all products, including those offered online and manufactured in third countries. The Rapporteur also highlighted that a common understanding should be found on the need to take into account the digital challenges, in particular AI, IoT and robotics and cybersecurity. She also underlined that the Parliament should keep a balanced risk-based approach

to product safety. A number of issues were mentioned by the political groups, such as the need to follow the precautionary principle, adapt product safety rules to digital technologies, improve the checks on products entering the EU and their traceability, and ensure the compliance to the EU rules of products entering and circulating in the internal market. The vote is planned on 27 October with the aim to submit the file to the Plenary in November.